Riley Reid’s Accounts Hacked

Riley Reid

Porn star Riley Reid became a victim of a serious hacking incident in which her personal information and online accounts were stolen and taken over. The hack used a so-called »sim-swapping« technique that allowed the perpetrator to gain control of the actress’ phone number and then take over her Twitter, Venmo, Amazon and other accounts.

In an interview with industry magazine AVN, Reid explained that the hacker was able to intercept her calls, text messages and two-factor authentication codes, which gave him access to all of her accounts associated with her cell phone number. The attack severely wreaked havoc on the performer, especially in light of the hacker’s disturbing and hateful posts on her Twitter account.

As Reid pointed out, the Twitter account was especially important to her, as it was the only social media platform she had steadily grown over the past decade. The fact that the hacker used the platform to post transphobic and anti-Semitic content was particularly upsetting to Reid.

In response to the hack, Reid is asking all those in possession of her phone number to delete it immediately, as the number was compromised by the perpetrator. Reid has also taken steps to close all of her online accounts and is working closely with her bank to ensure that her account is protected against further theft.

Despite the difficult situation, Reid is determined to fight back against the hacker and regain control of her data and privacy. She encourages others who have been similarly affected to take all necessary steps to protect their personal information and online accounts.



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