Pornhub Honors Its No. 1 Pornstar Kim Kardashian on 10th Anniversary of Ray J Sex Tape (Photo)

kim kardashian and ray j - pornhub news

Pornhub doesn’t want Kim Kardashian or the rest of Twitter to forget she’s the site’s “No. 1 pornstar.”

The adult entertainment portal that gives millions free access to XXX videos celebrated the 10th anniversary Wednesday of the sex tape that launched Kim’s massive career.

That’s right. 10 years ago today, the world was introduced to Kardashian through a widely circulated video of her having graphic sex with then-boyfriend, Ray J.

“Happy 10 year anniversary to our #1 pornstar @KimKardashian on her porn debut,”

Pornhub tweeted, along with a sorta-safe-for-work screenshot of her performance.

“Kim Kardashian, Superstar” is the most-watched x-rated video of all time, with well over 93 million views. Since the tape, Kardashian and her family have become pop culture icons, thanks to 13 seasons of their hit reality show, a number of spinoff shows, and outside business ventures that have put her net worth at over $51 million.

The sex tape was illegally shared with porn distributor Vivid Entertainment by a third party, prompting Kardashian to file a lawsuit. Friend and “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis ran to Kardashian’s aid and was able to help her acquire the rights to her tape for $4.5 million.

As for her co-star, Ray J reportedly earns $90K every 3 months in royalties, and his net worth currently stands at $6 million.


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