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Europe Check: Reality Lovers publishes user figures

By Van Redaktion – March 8, 2017

London, March 2017. Pizza, Pasta and VR erotic., the portal for virtual reality erotic, reveals the European wide love of hot random clips. And one of our neighbours has confirmed their reputation as a passionate lover. According to the current analysis, Italians are extremely interested in virtual reality and have secured themselves the first place amongst European RealityLovers users with 12 percent. Right behind in second place is Germany with about 10 percent of the users. In third place is France with 9 percent. Followed by Poland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom, Austria, Slovakia and the other European countries.

VR glasses comparison in Europe

There is a clear winner amongst the type of VR glasses that is used: 32 percent of users choose the Samsung Gear VR to watch erotic adventures from the perspective of the actor. Twenty eight percent of the European customers enjoy virtual sex with VR glasses from RealityLovers. Other choices are Google Cardboard with 12 percent and Oculus Rift with 8 percent. Other models make up the remaining 20 percent of the users.

The appeal of VR erotic is always irresistible

With the help of VR glasses and a Smartphone, users can immerse themselves in the midst of a sex scene and through the “I perspective” have the feeling of really being there. More and more users are watching 3D movies. The erotic experience is more intensive than regular viewing. And in order for VR users to feel comfortable in the virtual dimension, RealityLovers also attaches great importance to aesthetics and highly professional production.

No longer a man’s world

The popularity of the RealityLovers movies amongst women shows that the enjoyment of erotic movies is not just a man’s hobby: “Virtual reality opens more opportunities. The number of views for videos for women show that there will be a new target group. We are convinced that this technology will become a mass product in the short term,” said René Pour, founder of RealityLovers

Virtual reality fans can view hot and weekly erotic movies in the 180 degree perspective on

About RealityLovers

RealityLovers, awarded the VENUS Award as the “Most Innovative Product 2016”, offers erotic films in FullHD for virtual reality. In the 180-degree perspective, users experience the events from the perspective of the performers and thus actively participate in the lovemaking. Interested parties choose between different subscription offers.

>Use of Virtual Reality Erotic in Europe

1 Italy, 2 Germany, 3 France, 4 Poland, 5 Spain, 6 Belgium, 7 Portugal, 8 UK, 9 Austria, 10 Slovakia.

SOURCEVenus Adult News


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