Five Years of Venus Adult News

5 Jahre Venus Adult News

Time flies, the years rush by, and our attempt to provide the adult world with bilingual industry news in German and English is now celebrating its 5th birthday. VENUS ADULT NEWS was launched five years ago to keep the industry and industry-related companies up to date on new developments, as well as featuring news about sex and erotica from around the world. And we are far from finished.

Although the reporting has become somewhat less detailed due to corona, the VAN editorial team is pleased to be able to again hope for an end to the pandemic with the 5th birthday of the industry journal for 2022.

Because one thing is clear: with numerous censorship efforts in multiple countries around the world and the economic weakening of many industry members due to the harsh Corona measures, there will be a need for a strong voice and a platform where all members of the community can find information and representation. That has been the goal of VAN, and we hope to realize that goal more extensively again soon.

We started out to take a very clear stance in favor of sex positivity, sex work, lust and pleasure, sexual self-determination, joie de vivre, inclusivity, freedom of expression and love – all things that VENUS Berlin, the great celebration of erotica, also represents every year in Berlin – with the exception of the last two pandemic years, when the show could only take place digitally.

It remains clear that reporting through the lens of human sexuality, touches all subject areas: Health, politics, society, media, business, technology and entertainment: sex and erotica are present everywhere where humans are active.

Two years ago, on the occasion of our third anniversary, we wrote something that continues to be true unchanged: »The adult industry’s pioneering role in the adaptation and implementation of new technologies is now widely recognized. But the industry is also an extremely sensitive seismograph for social developments: Liberal or restrictive political trends make themselves immediately felt and are sometimes of existential importance for many industry participants.«

We went on to say, »The groundbreaking rise of the sex toy industry to a global growth sector, the tremendous transformations in pornography and sex work, the digitalization of human sexuality, the increasing social openness for and awareness of sexual issues, but also the worldwide efforts by backward forces to once again censor human sexuality, are the major topics we have as a backdrop to pass on the daily news to our readers, when we to categorize it and occasionally comment on it.«

With our bilingual media platform, we want to continue to provide week-to-week coverage to an ever-growing readership of industry professionals, trade audiences and interested readers from around the world. We believe the industry, erotica and sex need this coverage, now more than ever. We hope to continue to be interesting and entertaining to you with our articles, interviews and portraits.

Here’s to another 5 great years with you, dear readers of VAN, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your continued attention.


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