Erotic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Christmas is over and the next celebration of love is just around the corner – Valentine’s Day. After all, the 14th February is the day of love – even if many people only see Valentine’s Day as a day that was invented by florists in order to increase their sales. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to be spoilt by their partner and for them to reaffirm their love? However, why does it always have to be flowers? What about an erotic token of love instead?

Once again, ORION Wholesale has numerous suggestions of products that you could offer your customers this year. How about one of our erotic packages that is packed full of thrilling and inspiring items for more fun together as a couple?

For example, the “Femme Fatale Luxury Box” (item number 0636550 0000) for sophisticated women, the “Do it yourself Box” (item number 0636665 0000) for men who love doing orgasmic handiwork or “My Wet Desire Box” (item number 0636541 0000) and the “Surprise, Surprise” package (item number 0572470 0000) for couples who love to experiment. A small but sexy selection of items for erotic pleasure in twos can be found in the limited edition “Pleasure-Box” (item number 0636452 0000). Special gift ideas with erotic content will whet customers’ appetites and arouse their intimate desires. All gift packages from ORION Wholesale contain high-quality products at a great price.

However, you can also find a lot of HEARTfelt gift ideas on ORION Wholesale’s online shop ( Just write “Heart” into the search box and then you’ll see all the relevant items.

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