Autoblow Warns Their Customers About Responsible Use Of Remote Control Function


The manufacturer of the blowjob simulator Autoblow warns its customers about possible dangers in connection with the use of smart and sophisticated sex toys that offer remote control and interactive functions over the internet. The company released a short public service announcement video to be careful when messaging a contact a link that allows others access to the customer’s toy.

A spokesperson for Autoblow commented the slightly humurous video, »With new technology comes new responsibilities and heightened risks, especially when it comes to sex. The recently launched Autoblow AI+ allows its users to send a link to anyone anywhere, that when opened, permits instant remote device control.«

He added, »But unlike in-person sexual encounters where both people are certain of each other’s identities, virtual sex introduces the opportunity for mistaken sexual interactions and even intentionally deceptive ones.«

Autoblow’s CEO, the marketing savy Brian Sloan, produced the video that features the comedian Silvia Sage. That way the company intends »to help Autoblow AI+ users and others avoid emotional damage from unintended online sexual interactions.«

Brian Sloan added, »As technology-enabled sexual interactions become commonplace, I believe its necessary to educate the public about the potential risks of this new type of sex. Most people have experienced accidentally sending an email or receiving one not meant for them.«

He continued, »But few have imagined the emotional results of unintentionally masturbating someone over the internet. With this film, I hope to educate the public to use our new technology with caution.«

If you want to know more about the toy, visit the company’s website. Here you can watch the video:


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