Spanish Sexual Wellness Market Thrives

Spotlight on Major Players

sextoys center spain a key player in the Spanish Sexual Wellness Market

The Spanish sexual wellness market has witnessed a remarkable ascendancy in recent years, especially upon the onset and continuance of the COVID-19 pandemic. This flourishing sector, with an eye on both health and pleasure, represents a niche yet significant segment of Spain’s economy.

The so-called “golden mile” of the adult toy industry is found between the towns of Dos Hermanas and Carmona near Seville. This area houses some of the most innovative and successful businesses in the sexual wellness landscape. Two standout companies, International Dreamlove S.L. and Fleshlight International, have leveraged the increasing societal acceptance and demand for sexual wellness products to scale their operations and achieve impressive financial milestones.

The Spanish Sexual Wellness Market

The sexual wellness market size in Spain was valued at 47.5 million euros in 2021 and is projected to reach 81,5 million euros by 2028.

These are some of the key players:

Dreamlove S.L.

Dreamlove SpainInternational Dreamlove S.L., a titan in the distribution of sexual products, reported staggering figures with 31 million orders per year, employing 150 staff, and handling up to 80,000 products each day. Having started from humble beginnings in a 200 square meter distribution center with only 300 products, Dreamlove now operates out of a 5,000 square meter plant in Carmona. Its annual revenue hit the 18 million euro mark recently, with expectations to double that in the next three years following 3.5 million euros in infrastructure investment.

Fleshlight International S.L.

Fleshlight International SL, the neighbor and occasional collaborator with Dreamlove, generates revenue exceeding 18.5 million euros. It was heralded as the top European producer of latex sex toys in 2018. Its Dos Hermanas facility is known for its innovative products in the male sexual wellness category.

The intriguing dynamic between these two companies underscores a broader trend in the adult industry, where businesses are gravitating towards inclusivity and normalization of sexual wellness products. They are no longer niche commodities but are rather mainstream must-haves that contribute significantly to sexual health and wellbeing.

This attitude shift is also evident in the distribution models these companies have adopted. Both entities have stretched out their tentacles into markets previously untapped by the industry, such as pharmacies and supermarkets. By diversifying their channels, they’ve managed to shed the “dark” image these products traditionally held, as noted by Dreamlove’s CEO, Mario Romero.

Even with the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, the market did not witness a downturn but instead maintained its momentum. This is in line with global trends, with the Spanish Sexual Wellness Market expecting to surge to near 50 billion euros by 2028, growing at an annual rate of 8%.


Amantis Store

Besides International Dreamlove S.L. and Fleshlight International, other key players in the Spanish market include Amantis, with a projected turnover exceeding six million euros, and Diversual from Alicante, boasting annual revenues around 6 million euros and anticipating a growth of 15% by 2023.

Amantis’ decision to cater to both online shoppers and those preferring physical store experiences exemplifies the versatility needed in today’s market. While Madrid leads in sales, the Spanish customer base demonstrates a diverse generational reach, with a significant portion of revenue deriving from a clientele aged between 25 and 50 years.

Significantly, Spain is also gaining traction in the production of these wellness items. Diversual has begun to manufacture its products, with its own designs accounting for 65% of its best-selling items. Similarly, Dreamlove not only distributes but also manufactures, supplying an array of products, including lingerie and cosmetics, the majority of which are produced in Spain.

plantamelonPlátanomelón epitomizes the growing confidence in the Spanish sexual wellness industry, with a turnover of 19.7 million in 2021 and ambitions for expansion into the Latin American market, specifically targeting Mexico.

Sex Toys Center

A behemoth in the Spanish Sexual Wellness Market, Sex Toys Center has been pushing boundaries in the adult industry for 20 years. From its inception, it has grown into a colossal chain, now boasting 14 XXL stores situated in key locations across Madrid, Valencia, and Catalonia. The brand boldly challenges preconceived notions of adult stores, turning Sex Toys Center into a reference for sexual well-being.

From humble beginnings in a shop of 60m², the visionary Philippe Langloys, with his partner Chantal Langloys, has expanded the enterprise into sprawling spaces across Spain. Integrating the next generation, Philippe has his sons, Christophe and Lionel, and his niece, Agnes, onboard, enhancing the company’s stride in marketing, sales, human resource management, and IT.

Today, the company’s infrastructure encompasses over 14,000m² of built-up space and an impressive 10,000m² of retail display area. The Terrassa store alone is an industry titan at 2,400m² and is one of the largest in Europe. This significant presence reflects the strategic growth of a family business that has bloomed into a dominant force in the adult wellness retail sector.

Distinguishing itself through an extensive array of more than 10,000 products, Sex Toys Center demonstrates that variety need not compromise quality. Every offering adheres to stringent safety standards, free from harmful substances such as phthalates and parabens. The range caters to diverse preferences with vibrators, stimulators, massage oils, and more—sourced from esteemed brands to accommodate every budget.

With a dedicated team of over 100 employees, Sex Toys Center is poised for ambitious expansion. Driven by a vision to deepen its reach into the Spanish urban fabric, the company is charting a course for exponential growth. This trajectory is aimed at introducing its unparalleled XXL erotic supermarkets to an even wider audience across the nation’s bustling city centers. The strategic thrust of Sex Toys Center underscores a commitment to becoming an omnipresent figure in the realm of adult wellness retail.


In closing, the Spanish sexual wellness market is a testament to the industry’s adaptability and resilience. Amidst the backdrop of societal evolution and technological advancement, companies such as International Dreamlove and Fleshlight International are not only providing pleasure and promoting health but are also rejuvenating the local economy and redefining Spain’s position in the global erotic toy industry.


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