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Williams Trading Implements Inventory Source

williams trading

Williams Trading Co. intends to use Inventory Source for the processing of orders and the implementation of product data on merchant sites, a solution that is compatible with almost all e-commerce platforms on the market.

Williams Trading points out that the cooperation with Inventory Source allows retailers to automatically upload products into the system, synchronize inventory and link orders to the database of over 19,000 items.

The Inventory Source processing solution is compatible with numerous e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Shopify and the WordPress interfaces.

Rich Pyne, Vice President of E-Commerce at Williams Trading Co says: »This allows our customers to stay synced to our product data, images and inventory levels to maximize sales.«

Dealers are not only able to automatically ship the products they have ordered, they are also guaranteed continous traceability of their orders.

The marketing director at Williams Tradings said: »If you are starting in the Adult product space in eCommerce and selling a number of adult items, we recommend Inventory Source to integrate your data feed.«

In addition to Inventory Source, Williams Trading Co Drop Shipment offers numerous other alternatives for integrating products into merchant websites.

To learn more about Inventory Source, click here.


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