Lora DiCarlo Strikes US Distribution Deal With Entrenue

Lola DiCarlo auf der CES in Las Vegas

The US start-up Lora DiCarlo has signed a distribution agreement with the distributor Entrenue. Thus, the much-discussed Osé, which has won the CES Innovation Award, and the new products Onda and Baci will be distributed by the Arizona-based logistics specialist.

Lora DiCarlo had been the talk of the town for months due to worldwide media coverage. Now the company has signed a distribution agreement with the well-known distributor Entrenue. The Phoenix-based company will distribute the smart sex toys of the fashionable start-up.

Lora Haddock, founder and CEO of Lora DiCarlo is excited about the deal: »We are so excited to work with Entrenue—their commitment to supporting and working with female-run companies to grow their brands the smart way is inspiring. Staying committed to our mission of moving pleasure, sexual wellness and technology forward requires partnerships with folks who are ready to change the game, and we feel that Entrenue is just that.«

Joe Castella, CEO of Entrenue, is also thrilled about the addition to his range: »It’s an honor to be selected as the exclusive US Distributor for Lora DiCarlo. We are beyond thrilled and have been so anxious for the launch. As we love representing female-founded organizations, we are very happy to work with their key team of industry professionals to work closely with our retail clients and team. It’s been exciting to follow all of the positive press Ose has been receiving since CES 2019—and we are excited to represent Lora DiCarlo!«

In addition to the highly acclaimed Osé, two new products featuring microrobots will be introduced this year. While Osé and Baci are designed to mimic the stimulation of the clitoris with mouth and tongue as close as possible, the Onda is specialized in imitating the movement of human fingers in order to stimulate the G-spot.

Osé will be available at Entrenue from March, followed by Baci and Onda one month later.

The Entrenue website can be found here. More information about Lora DiCarlo can be found on the company’s website.


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