EQOM Acquiring Toy Maker Libertybelle

eqom nexus

There seems to be no end to the shopping spree of the Dutch erotic retailing group EQOM. After the acquisition of Amorelie, Kondomeriet and Christine LeDuc, the subsidiary of EDC Retail remains on an expansion course and has acquired Libertybelle Marketing Ltd, owner of the Nexus brand, which specializes in anal toys.

Dutch wholesale and retail group EQOM has announced that it will acquire British sex toy maker Libertybelle, which has made a name for itself in recent years with the Nexus brand, particularly in the market for anal toys.

Like numerous other European erotic brands, the manufacturer, which was founded in 2005, will be merged into the EQOM Group of the rapidly expanding EDC Retail from the Netherlands, which has only been operating for a short time under the holding name EQOM. In addition to the Beate Uhse Group’s online division, the online retailer Amorelie and the stationary brands all also have a strong presence and high brand recognition in their home markets.

With the niche supplier Libetybelle, EQOM, which also owns the Easytoys brand, has added one of the specialists in the anal toy business. When the company was founded in London, the market for prostate toys was still quite limited and the consistent catering to the niche market was a daring but successful plan on the part of the founders.

In the meantime, products of the label are sold in more than 30 countries, which will surely increase with the cumulative distribution power of EQOM.

Commenting on the EQOM acquisition, Libertybelle’s Monique Carty said, »We are delighted to become part of the EQOM group and look forward to working together to grow and maximize opportunities for Nexus, EQOM, and the industry as a whole. We truly believe that together we are stronger and by joining forces with other leaders in the sexual wellness field, we all benefit. Nexus will continue to run independently and support all its customers as before.«

Libertybelle is the first time the Dutch company’s ever-growing group of companies has acquired a toy manufacturer. To what extent this is simply an addition to EasyToys remains unclear for the time being. It is possible that the market player, which has so far mainly emerged as a distributor and retailer, will become a European heavyweight in the entire sexual wellness business.


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