It’s quality time! The Finnish producer Mr Sunny and the team behind hot Swedish films such as “Jane Bomb 1 and 2”, “The House of Temptation” and “The Riding School” series have just come out with a new Nordic feature. 

In this film we follow the Finnish chic-lit author Emanuelle (Cindy Sun) while she is working on her new book. Her publisher has arranged for her to travel to a remote villa in Denmark. She assumes that this will be a long, quiet weekend that will allow her to think about some ideas for the plot of her book. Although the weekend doesn’t turn out to be a quiet one, it does provide her with plenty of inspiration. Join her for a very sexy summer weekend filled with beautiful girls, sensual passion, erotica and above all throbbingly hot sex. 

“Sexy Weekend” brings us back to the golden age of porn and erotica, to a time when strong storylines support a seamless blend of pure joy, lustful sex and hardcore pornography. This is one of those rare films where the production team includes a certified sexologist, who ensures that the twists in the story are as natural as can be. 

Cast: Cindy Sun, Jolee Love, Lena Nitro, Darla Delovely, Puma Moore, Jens XP, Jacob Gren, Mr Martini. 

Check out the trailer and buy it here (download or streaming):

For North American sales and inquiries please contact:

Satu Söderström
+358 (0) 45 3404377


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