Micaela Schaefer is in her element in EGO erotic speciality store

Now, Berlin has one – EGO Erotic Speciality Store with a wide selection of sex toys, lingerie and lifestyle products for the world’s greatest pastime. Celebrity star Micaela Schaefer will attend the opening.

It is all about the world’s most beautiful pastime. And everything that makes it more fascinating, more thrilling, more exciting. Dildos, lubricating creams, lingerie and DVDS – and right in the middle of it all, the woman who calls herself a “nudibranch”.

Micaela Schaefer, opened EGO erotic speciality store: “I think erotic is becoming a bigger topic because we are becoming more open. There are not so many taboos – people are talking more about erotic…” Just talking about erotic is only half as much fun as actually experiencing it yourself. Micaela Schaefer knows that. And is voluntarily available for a virtual erotic experience.

Miaela Schaefer opened EGO erotic speciality store: “I don’t find pornography dirty. I always find it outrageous when that is assumed. I also watch pornos and it is the most beautiful thing in the world when you have sex. And we all have to have sex, otherwise humanity will die out.”

When she is right, she is right. And anyone who needs some stimulation for the most beautiful thing in the world, can get the necessary inspiration from EGO erotic speciality store. So as per the motto: Follow your lust!

Click here for the video


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