Women of Sex Tech Adds Veronique Verreault Of Miss VV’s Mystery

Miss VV´s Mystery

The Head of the sextoy startup Miss VV’s Mystery is the youngest member of the illustrious female group Women of Sex Tech. Veronique Verreault’s company produces a kegel vibrator that has been glowingly reviewed in numerous media. Verreault has been part of the global movement of women in the sex toy industry for a month now.

The global Women of Sex Tech association welcomes Veronique Verreault as a new member. The association is active in six cities and includes female manufacturers, inventors, entrepreneurs, journalists and engineers working in the sex toy industry. The group has made it its mission to change the way the world looks at human sexuality while encouraging female entrepreneurs to become active in the industry.

Verreault comments on her admission to the illustrious circle as follows: »We know how tough it is in the sex tech business. Even though my family and close entourage supports me, no one would understand me better than the women hustling out there in the same field.«

Verreault is enthusiastic about the numerous networking opportunities that the group offers. »I heard about the group from Virginia Cerrone, CEO of PureEros. We were talking about what we go through as female pleasure business owners, and she strongly suggested I join the group to help others and get support as well to exchange on our projects and feel less lonely.«

Recently Verreault was invited to a conference in Montreal to talk about body positivity and sexual diversity. In an interview the entrepreneur reports: »For most of the attendees, sex tech was something vague and they had no clue how far this industry can go and how much of a positive difference it can bring for all of us. I talked about the Women of Sex Tech and the overall impact of technology on the sexual wellness field.«

For the immediate future Verreault is planning a lot for Miss VV’s Mystery. The company will not only introduce a new product this year, but also a dating app that can be linked to the company’s sex toys. In addition, it is looking for new investors for the continued growth of her company.

She says: »I’m really glad to be part of the Women of Sex Tech movement and make a difference by spreading the word and excitement around it. My aim is to improve women’s lives and empower them through my brand message — Confidence is Sexy.«

To learn more about the company, click here. Further information on the Women of Sex Tech association can be found here.


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