Svakom Donating To »Drop in the Bucket«

Drop in the Bucket

Sex toy manufacturer Svakom has announced that it is working with the international aid organization »Drop in the Bucket« to support community development by building drinking water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities in several African countries.

The VENUS exhibitor Svakom, an internationally operating sex toy company based in the USA, is stepping up and committed to help where it is most needed. From August 20 to 30, Svakom will donate 10% of its sales to the non-profit initiative »Drop in the Bucket«.

A company spokesman said: »Many of us have no idea that we could save two million lives a year if we did nothing other than provide access to clean water, without any other medical intervention. That’s exactly what Drop – a registered international NGO – has been doing since 2006.«

He added: »Donating to Drop is a tremendous honor and money well spent. They bring life-saving water to communities and schools in Uganda and South Sudan, and also create the opportunity for education, enabling children, especially girls, to receive an education and realize their full potential.«

From the company’s perspective, there is hardly a better way to provide meaningful help and break the vicious »cycle of poverty«. The goal is to ensure that schools have access to clean water and are equipped with hygienic sanitary facilities.

»It’s something that fits really well with Svakom’s concept of social responsibility,« said the Svakom spokesman, explaining his company’s commitment on the African continent. So far, more than 350 water points have already been created in Uganda and South Sudan through Drop in the Bucket.

The Svakom spokesman added: »This organization has made tangible impact and should be supported to continue its worthwhile efforts. Svakom considers it a great positive experience to make its contributions: the more people and communities who offer their ‘drops’ in the bucket, the more buckets will fill up and overflow to converge into a mighty strength and make a big impact.«

For more information about Drop in the Bucket, please click here. The Svakom website can be reached via this link.


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