Lovense Uses AI For Smart Sextoys and Rebrands Itself


Sex tech innovator Lovense recently introduced an AI feature called Advanced Pleasure Companion to its app as part of a major rebranding effort. The Singapore-based company, founded in 2010 for smart sex toys particularly for long-distance relationships and known for its award-winning interactive toys, now uses ChatGpt’s AI to deliver customized sexual experiences.

The new Pleasure Companion feature generates erotic stories based on the user’s preferences. A compellingly real AI voice then speaks the adult tales. At the same time, the story and voice are synchronized with Lovense’s smart toys via the app, promising entirely new, immersive sex experiences.

This pioneering use of AI for sexual experiences fits with Lovense’s focus on pleasure-driven innovation. A new logo is also intended to underscore this. As Lovense CEO Dan Liu said, the redesigned branding represents the company’s commitment to creating stylish and advanced sex technologies.

Lovense, recognized as a Disruptive Innovator, has previously developed breakthrough devices such as motion-controlled vibrators and virtual reality integration. The new AI companion represents another milestone in the development of truly immersive sex technology.

By leveraging ChatGPT to generate AI-rendered erotic storytelling, Lovense enables unprecedented interactivity for both solo and couples play. The Companion brings any imaginable scenario to life through real-time voice narration and synchronized responses from the toys.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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