Handelsblatt Reports On VENUS, LELO & Motorbunny: High Tech Sex Toys On Display

high tech sextoys

The prestigious and influential business journal »Handelsblatt« wrote about this year’s successful VENUS Berlin and ongoing trends in the global sex toy market. Reporter Cathrin Schaer visited the fair and talked to representatives at the booths of LELO and Motorbunny, two of the most innovative sex toy companies in the world today.

At the booth of LELO the magazine talked to Mirjana Vukelić Haluška, the global PR manager for the Swedish company. While the design-oriented sex toy company has been known until as a specialist in female orgasms, LELO’s latest product is targeting men. The stroker is called F1, a high tech toy for men, and the company chose VENUS to display it for the first time. It will be available early next year. F1 is capable of responding to commands by digital assistants like Alexa or Siri. Additionally, the toy can communicate with an app and measure the »performance« of the user, speed, depth and angles.


Another spectacular presentation can be found at the booth of Motorbunny with its always upbeat sales representatives eager to get you to try out the saddle like device that also can be controlled via apps and promising intense orgasms to female users. The Motorbunny can also respond to Siri. The opportunities for long-distance partners and camgirls are endless.

Both, LELO and Motorbunny, made their software open to 3rd party developers in the hope that hundreds of additional applications might be created. The toys could easily become part of online games.

Handelsblatt also talked to Caleb Thompson, founder of Motorbunny. He said: »This is a growth industry. Integration is the way forward, not hardware.«


Both companies also agreed that the shifting attitudes in society are extremely helpful for the development of their companies and products. More and more mainstream and glamour magazines cover sex toy companies, the report on individual products and developments within the industry. Thompson highlights the point that the sex toy industry is also about individual empowerment and part of the feminist wave. Handelsblatt closes its article, seemingly satisfied with its visit to the VENUS Berlin. It concludes that the orgasm gap »is about inequality in the number of orgasms women get to have in heterosexual relationships. As they say, there’s an app for that.«

The article shows once more the shifting attitudes as several years ago it seemed rather unlikely that a business journal would send out a reporter to an adult fair like VENUS. If you want to read it in its entirety click here.



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