Grooby Signs Deal With US Arcades

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The largest producer of transgender pornography has closed a licensing deal with US Arcades, a sex movie cabin chain. With immediate effect, Grooby’s extensive film archive can be seen on the machines installed in the 33 US Arcades outlets.

Grooby, the US American pioneer in transgender pornography, is probably also the world’s largest provider of the content. The company has signed a license agreement with US Arcades. With immediate effect, Grooby’s films will be shown on the machines of the US chain of stores.

Apparently, the video cabin market is experiencing a renaissance. According to industry reports, US Arcades is currently entering into several licensing agreements with leading porn providers in the USA.

Lewis Adams is Vice President of US Arcades. Commenting on the deal with Grooby, he said: »We are thrilled to partner with Grooby. Their remarkably diverse content library allows US Arcades to serve superior niche content for a wide audience of adult video consumers.«

Grooby has been a pioneer in the field of transgender pornography for decades. The company also hosts the annual Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs).

Steven Grooby, founder and CEO of Grooby, is also pleased with the licensing agreement: »One of our goals is to get our content in front of as many paying eyes as possible. New York City video arcades in the late 1980s is where I first saw trans porn. It’s great to see this platform still thriving and evolving with advanced technology. I look forward to watching US Arcades present our content across the U.S. and hope that the customers enjoy what we deliver.«

Since its founding in 2011, US Arcades has been on an immense growth path, which has picked up strongly in the last two years in particular. In addition to the 33 currently existing branches, more than 30 are to be added in 2019 alone.

You will find a map with all the current locations on this page. Grooby’s website can be found here, further information on US Arcades can be found here.



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