International Condom Day: February 13

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Still think Valentine’s Day is all about cheesy teddy bears, cliché roses, heart-shaped balloons, and overpriced restaurants? We believe there is another way. For us, it’s also just the right time to celebrate the condom. Why? Because February 13 is officially International Condom Day!

Now, you might be wondering why and, more importantly, how you should celebrate condoms. We don’t have confetti or extravagant parties planned. But something much better… Let’s just talk about condoms for a minute! Do you think you already know everything? Don’t be so sure! LELO puts your knowledge to the test and has put together a short manual – because it’s not just about buying condoms and having them with you. It’s about awareness, protection, and proper handling.


Do we even need to mention that the number of infections of sexually transmitted diseases is constantly increasing? While some are easily treatable, others have long-term health effects that can lead to HIV, cancer, or reduced fertility. And if there is a simple solution to safe and stress-free sex, it should be a no-brainer to take advantage of it.

At the same time that the number of infections is rising, awareness of sexually transmitted diseases is also on the rise, a fact which we can see from the 50% increase in online sales of our LELO HEX condoms.

LELO HEX – Your »Partner in Crime«

something that makes us enjoy sex even more.

Of course, abstinence is the 100% guarantee for safety and it guarantees contraception. But with 98% effectiveness, a condom is your absolute »No. 1 Partner in Crime«. Just put it on? Almost!

And this point is essential. There are countless mistakes when it comes to proper application. There’s more to it than just putting it on. Some think they don’t need it, some don’t put it on until you’re already in the middle of it (literally), others just can’t find the right size. Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, there is a perfect fit for everyone.

Have you ever noticed the small empty reservoir at the tip of the condom? It’s not just there for aesthetic reasons. It’s important to leave some space there so that the ejaculate doesn’t leak out sideways. And that brings us to another important point – pull it out, clean it up and enjoy the special moments after sex.

And you know what? Condoms do have an expiration date that you should check. Spermicides can lose their effect after some time. Better safe than sorry! To be clear, a conscious and responsible approach to sexual health is not a gender issue. So whether you use a condom yourself or your partner, the approach should be exactly the same.

To create a positive, safe, and sensual sexual experience, treat yourself to a very special one, or even a couple of different types, and enjoy an evening of research with your partner. This will certainly not be a cliché Valentine’s Day!

What makes HEX condoms special?

LELO HEX condoms are made of latex and thanks to their revolutionary hexagon structure, they are resilient, thin, and offer a unique sensation.

There’s a reason hexagonal shapes are used in nature when something needs to be very light but extremely durable, like honeycombs, spider webs, or snake scales. Hexagons are strong, symmetrical, and tessellate perfectly. That is, their shape can be repeated and combined without gaps. That’s why the structure of graphene – the thinnest and strongest material available today – is hexagonal.

The structure of 350 interconnected hexagons ensures that HEX offers more sensation and intimacy during sex, while at the same time fitting better to the user and providing a better fit thus ensuring that nothing slips. With a thickness of only 0.045 to 0.055 mm, HEX™ is one of the thinnest condoms on the market. Remember, safety has never been more important.

Pleasure from Sweden

For 18 years, LELO has been the world’s leading premium design brand of elegant sex toys. Due to their sophisticated, innovative design, the intimate lifestyle products have already won countless awards. The brand’s long-standing success proves that intimate toys also have to meet a certain aesthetic standard and have long since ceased to be a taboo subject. LELO AB is the Swedish company behind LELO whose branches are now represented from Stockholm to San Jose and from Sydney to Shanghai.

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