Hustler Hollywood Opens In New York

hustler sexshop NY
The sex shop chain Hustler Hollywood continues to expand its presence in its home market. The 30th location for the retailer founded by publishing legend Larry Flynt is currently opening in New York.

Hustler Hollywood announces the opening of a new branch in New York. This is the first branch of the sex shop chain in the northeast of the USA. Hustler publisher Larry Flynt himself is oftentimes present at many store openings.

Hustler Hollywood now also in New York

His new branch with the address 41 West 8th St. particularly delighted the company founder, who had already been immortalized by a Hollywood movie: »We always knew that our national presence wouldn’t be complete until we opened a store in New York. We couldn’t be more thrilled about being here and introducing our adult playground to you. We look forward to serving you and hope you will enjoy having us here.«

This is by no means just any PR talk, as new openings of the chain are often accompanied with protest rallies by self-proclaimed local moral guardians or religious zealots. The disputes often end in court, and the Sexshop business model in the USA is always threatened by arbitrary closures if the local neighborhood wants to take action against an opening.

Flynt is never afraid of litigation

For Flynt, however, this has been worth it for years. The US industry press reports every few months on newly opened Hustler Hollywood stores. Legal skirmishes are part of Flynt’s business model anyway. After all, the publisher, who is revered by many civil rights groups, has long had a lot of experience in court proceedings. For decades Flynt had been dragged to court, partly because of obscenity, partly because of other often outrageously constructed misdemeanours that were supposed to ruin him or his business. In addition to the Hustler magazine and the porn magazine Barely Legal, both of which are still in circulation today, Flynt ran numerous strip clubs and for years also an extremely profitable casino.

Hustler Hollywood on track for further growth

In the meantime, the sex shop chain is likely to make a significant contribution to the overall turnover of the Flynt empire. Sales figures are not known, but the chain, founded in 1998, now operates 30 stores. As is typical for Flynt, the company’s self-description is quite striking: »We don’t hide who we are. We don’t apologize for our desires. We decide what turns us on. Exploring different expressions of our sexuality opens us up to new, exciting experiences and higher levels of understanding.

The website continues: »Hustler Hollywood is part of an empire that was built by Larry Flynt, a man who was not ashamed of sex or afraid to push boundaries, a legend who fought for free speech at a time of legal sexual puritanism. Our stores pass on Larry’s message of free sexual expression by offering an upscale shopping experience in an elegant setting.«

In the coming weeks, Hustler Hollywood is planning a grand opening ceremony for the New York store, but the date has not yet been set.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit the retailer’s online presence.


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