Cambridge’s Only Sex Shop Just Got A Makeover

The only sex shop in the noble city of Cambridge just underwent renovation. »The Private Shop« has been open for more than 30 years. The store was very secretive before – so much so that people thought it had been closed for years. Now it got a successful renovation and now fits in with its historic surroundings.

The only sex shop in legendary Cambridge just got a renovation to help it fit in with the historic architecture surrounding the store. The small shop has been open for more than 30 years but always looked like some alien from another, slightly run-down city.

The makeover was necessary, many people thought the store was closed for years. Lisa Bernard, the shop’s managers, said she wanted to make the store more appealing to couples and women. »A lot of women said they felt uncomfortable coming in.«

The new look of »The Private Shop« is old fashioned but welcoming. The store design is now a classy light gray. The railings are freshly painted and the entrance area now blends in with the historic townhouses surrounding the shop.

In cooperation with supervisor Leigha Turner, Bernard created the new look for the store. She herself uses the term ‘boudoir’ to describe the style. The store has an exclusively female staff and is licensed by the City Council. According to Bernard, it is the only sex shop within a 20-mile radius.

Regular customers, as well as neighboring businesses and residents, welcomed the renovation and the new look of the store. Bernard says »They think it looks so much smarter. One woman came in and said: I don’t want to buy anything, I just want to say how amazing the shop front looks.«


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