Fanvue’s AI Revolution: Redefining Adult Entertainment Beyond OnlyFans

Emily Pellegrini
AI model Emily Pellegrini

Fanvue, an emerging player in the adult entertainment industry, is making a splash with its innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI). At the forefront of this AI revolution is Emily Pellegrini, a virtual model who has rapidly gained attention on social media. With 81,000 Instagram followers and nearly $10,000 in earnings within six weeks on the pay-per-view Fanvue platform, Pellegrini represents a departure from the conventional approach of established platforms like OnlyFans.


Will Monange Fanvue
Will Monange, CEO Fanvue

Will Monange, Fanvue’s founder and CEO, envisions AI as the future of the adult industry. He predicts that AI-generated models, exemplified by virtual entities like Pellegrini, will attain levels of acclaim and popularity comparable to human influencers. Monange argues that AI allows for creativity without the need for a physical persona, emphasizing that the fundamental appeal for audiences remains consistent whether the creator is a real person or an AI-generated character.


Fanvue is actively advancing this vision by integrating AI with chatbots and audio cloning tools to replicate a creator’s voice. These features, evolving based on user feedback, underscore the platform’s commitment to technological advancement.

While Monange acknowledges that, for now, AI serves as a tool or extension of human expression, he emphasizes the benefits AI bots are already reaping due to increasing demand and prevalence in the industry, driven by rapid technological advances.

As Fanvue charts new territory in the adult entertainment sector, questions arise about the future of real-life adult influencers. The success of AI-generated models suggests a potential transformation in the traditional role of human influencers, as technology reshapes the landscape, challenging established platforms like OnlyFans.


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