Ssur And Brazzers Team Up to Create Fashion Items

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The fashion label Ssur has entered into a partnership with MindGeek subsidiary Brazzers. From now on, the streetwear specialist will create fashion products under the label of the porn studio. The chief designer of Ssur, Russ Karablin, recently unveiled the new collection.

The clothes from the Brazzers/Ssur collection will be available in Ssur stores as well as online at and The fashion label apparently hopes for some street cred from the provocative reputation of a porn studio. Brazzers, on the other hand, as a MindGeek subsidiary, is probably hoping for some indie flair for the Canadian corporate giant’s studio label.

According to the two companies, the collection is inspired by the early porn productions in New York in the 70s and 80s, so a rather seedy urban flair is aimed at that the HBO series The Deuce already tried to revive and celebrate.

The Brazzers label not only sells sneakers but also raincoats, jogging outfits, velour sweat suits, T-shirts, socks, hats and a disposable camera. Evil tongues would call it the ideal equipment for a voyeur. The prices of the articles range from 30 to 250 dollars and are thus tailored to the mass market.

Brazzers x Ssur


According to the companies, the sneakers with the name Brazzers x Ssur High Top are limited to 150 pieces.

The lifestyle magazine Trendzz, which presumably also belongs to Mindgeek, writes: »Every item in the ‘Adult Materials’ collection was designed to provide fashionable, everyday comfort while making a subversive statement – you can check out each item in the ‘Adult Materials’ digital lookbook. With streetwear taking over the fashion industry, Brazzers and SSUR knew this was a collection they wanted to bring to their audiences. The subtlety of some of the pieces are a teaser for the badasses wearing the collection who will receive knowing smirks and a wink from passersby who are familiar with either brand.«

If you want to know more about Brazzers, click here. If you are looking for information about Ssur, click here. The collection can be found here.


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