Sexy Party Outfits from RED CORNER

by Cottelli Collection

orion red corner

The new collection from RED CORNER by Cottelli Collection will turn this autumn
into a really hot one and is now available from ORION Wholesale.

Revealing clubwear with an ultimate flirt factor – typical of RED CORNER. The trendy
new outfits have the ultimate flirt factor for both club-goers and professional pole
dancers. The outfits have been designed exclusively at ORION´s headquarters and
combine style, eroticism and extravagance to create a sexy and fashionable mix. The
six mini dresses in the new collection fit like a second skin and will turn a woman into
a real eye-catcher at any party because of the stretchy, shiny material the outfits are
made out of. Every single outfit stands out because of their unique designs: sexy
details like zips, seductive lace, fancy necklines and breathtaking accessories add
that extra special touch!

The high-quality outfits will be delivered in promotional cardboard boxes that have
reliable, innovative packaging designs. There is also a description of the respective
item in nine languages on the packaging as well. The boxes can either be stood up
or hung up with the hanger in the middle.

red corner collection
For orders and further information please contact:
ORION Großhandel
[email protected]


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