WOW Tech And Pjur Cooperating In North-America

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The successful lubricant company pjur and the German-American sextoy manufacturer WOW Tech have announced their intention to set up a joint sales venture in the USA. The new strategic partnership of the brand-name manufacturers is intended to lead to sustainable growth for both companies in the hotly contested North American markets.

After the Luxembourg-based pjur Group reorganized its sales activities several times last year and the two manufacturers We-Vibe and Womanizer founded the German-American joint venture WOW Tech, a strategic alliance is now intended to help both companies achieve success in North America.

Alexander Giebel is the head and founder of pjur. Commenting on the alliance with WOW Tech, he said: »This past year we have had great success with the pjur ‘gives you more’ campaign and we have built closer ties to our customers in the North American market. Partnering with WOW Tech, the company behind the leading premium We-Vibe and Womanizer brands brings this to the next level. It means more investment in marketing the pjur brand, more product training sessions, and more media collaborations. In short, more power for our customers!«

The cooperation agreement allows the pjur Group to be represented by WOW Tech Group in Canada, Mexico, and the USA as of January 1, 2019. Frank Ferrari, CEO of the American branch of WOW Tech, is also pleased about this. He said: »After all, quality is — and always has been — a top priority for pjur and for We-Vibe and Womanizer. As a result, our goals align perfectly. This partnership offers huge potential and we will achieve a great deal together.«

Pjur will continue to support distributors in North America with marketing and public relations. However, WOW Tech’s knowledge and expertise is expected to lead to a deeper penetration on the markets. In the USA, pjur’s customers will immediately notice changes from January on, according to the company. The team will grow from two employees to ten, who will now be available as contact persons for retail customers in North America and will offer optimal service. This will also increase sales seminar opportunities and th brand’s presence at trade shows. For 2019, the alliance has scheduled 10 industry trade fairs and nine B2B events in North America. More than 1500 customer visits and seminars are planned.

The two pjur sales experts John Marinello and Grace Sanchez will become part of the WOW Tech team and will continue to be contact persons for existing customers. Giebel said: »This will significantly raise the profile of our brand in North America. The customer benefits resulting from the exclusive collaboration with the WOW Tech Group can be seamlessly integrated into our ‘pjur love — gives you more’ campaign, which will continue to be a key focus area for us in 2019. By working together, we will be able to give dealers more service and more pjur brand power.«

Further information on pjur’s North American business can be found here.


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