Women want more sex toys!

More toys please - over 40% of women are requesting more sex toys in the new year.

A Playboy survey concluded that basically, everything is going well in German bedrooms. However, men and women have two wishes.

That is good news: more than half of all Germans lead a perfectly happy sex life. This was the result of a survey conducted by the Mafo.de opinion research institute commissioned by the magazine Playboy. According to this, 54.2 per cent of respondents said that they wouldn’t change anything in the bedroom in the new year.

Single Germans would like to have more sex
Respondents who have a steady partner are especially happy: 52.2 percent of the men and 69.1 percent of the women in a steady relationship are perfectly happy. The singles tell a different story: they would like to have more sex in the new year. This opinion was shared by 38.6 percent of the women and 39.1 percent of the men. For women and men in relationships, it is somewhat less (women 24.5 percent, men 28.7 percent).

Women dream about sex toys, men blow-jobs
However, singles are more satisfied with what goes on in the bedroom than couples. Of the Germans in steady relationships, 15.5 percent said that they would like more variety by trying more new things in bed. Only 7.2 percent of the singles shared this opinion.

Surprisingly: 41.4 percent of the women dream about erotic games with sex toys. It appears that Germans have some catching up to do in the bedroom. And what the men wish for the most – blow jobs, 54.2 do not get enough.

SOURCEVenus Adult News


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