Womanizer Offers the World’s First Sex Toy Insurance


The sex toy brand Womanizer, which belongs to the Berlin-based WOW Tech Group, now offers insurance for the loss of sex toys. In cooperation with the Rostock-based startup Hepster, Womanizer offers insurance against loss and destruction of a product when buying a Womanizer toy.

Germans wanting to make sure that they will still have a sextoy even if they lose it for unknown reasons or violently destroy it through clumsy behavior can buy an insurance policy for a Womanizer product. The insurance partner is the newly founded insurance startup Hepster from Rostock. For 20€ per year, customers can insure Womanizer products – certainly only useful for products from the high price segment of the manufacturer.

A spokesperson for the company said about the new offer: »The policy works like the now-widespread cell phone insurance. The sex toy insurance comes in handy for cases of damage, destruction, and theft. For example, this includes improper handling and operating errors like the use of the wrong lubricant, which is protected against just like falls and breakage.«

The worldwide operating company belongs to the WOW-Tech Group, which also manufactures and distributes the internationally successful We-Vibe line. The insurance is initially introduced for Womanizer products in Germany on a trial basis. If the concept proves successful, the insurance will be offered worldwide.

Insurance startup Hepster came up with the idea of sextoy insurance
Hanna Bachmann is the co-founder of the new insurance company Hepster. Commenting on the cooperation with the sex toy manufacturer, she said: »The idea for sex toy insurance came to us when one of our colleagues told us about the unfortunate end to her surfing vacation. On the last evening of her trip, she and her friends were celebrating with another group of girls in her hotel room. Once everybody had left, she realized someone had stolen her Womanizer.« While the device had a warranty, of course it was not insured against theft. With the tremendous growth of the high-price sex toy segment, it now seems time to launch a theft insurance policy for sex toys. Bachmann adds: »The loss of an item can hurt a lot, especially with sex toys, which often sit in a mid to high price range. So, with that came the idea of the first insurance for sex toys in the world.«

Womanizer is also pleased with the new offer for its customers. Johanna Rief, the head of the communications department at the company, knows of countless cases in which customers have written to the manufacturer to get a replacement for a damaged or lost device. Previously, a replacement was only possible in cases covered by the warranty. »We had already been considering the integration of insurance-based protections so when Hepster got in contact with us, we were enthusiastic about the idea and the chance to work together. That was the birth of our sex toy insurance.«

If you would like to find out more about this new type of insurance, click here.



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