Warm Inc. Inked Distribution Deal With Eropartner

eropartner dealer warm inc.

Eropartner Distribution and Warm Inc. have signed a distribution agreement for Europe. The US manufacturer of heat-based sex toys is now having its European business managed by the Dutch wholesale expert.

The US manufacturer’s sex toys work with heat and are enjoying growing popularity. A distribution contract has now been concluded with the Dutch company Eropartner Distribution to supply retailers with Warm Inc’s products throughout the EU.

The co-founder of Warm Inc. comments on the agreement: »International expansion has been a goal of ours for some time. It’s exciting to us every day to have people reaching out from overseas asking, ‘Please! When can I get these here?’«

The distribution contract will make the company’s products available in the UK and the EU. Eropartner is accepting pre-orders for warm products with immediate effect.

Warm Inc. was able to win one of the most experienced market participants in the EU for its products with Eropartner Distribution. The agreement also marks the start of Warm Inc’s marketing in the EU, which will be coordinated with Eropartner’s network of retailers.

To learn more about Warm Inc., click here. The website of Eropartner Distribution can be reached here.


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