The first storage, charging and sanitizing solution for adult toys

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–Clean Light Laboratories, the inventors of UVee, the world’s first and only combined storage, charging and sanitizing solution for adult toys, announced today that its application to raise funds on has been accepted. The patent-pending UVee is one of the first adult-related products to be allowed to campaign on the popular crowd funding platform, and the first for the sexual health and wellness category.

UVee is one of first adult-related products 2B allowed on kickstarter, 1st for sexual health & wellness category.

Recently introduced at several industry trade shows with an enthusiastic reception from retailers, sexual health experts, consumers, and physicians, UVee offers users discreet locking toy storage with a unique twist—While safely concealed, the toys are sanitized by a proprietary, reflective UV-C germicidal light that kills 99.9% of the most common harmful bacteria, and more. Integrated USB ports simultaneously charge the sanitized toys, keeping them ready for use. UVee will be available in two sizes; the HOME Play (a larger unit for at-home use) and GO Play (a smaller rechargeable system for convenient travel). UVee is a custom, refined design that discreetly hides toys from children, guests, and others.

“As a Gynecologist for over 30 years I have frequently seen vaginal infections from the use of less than adequately sterilized adult toys,” said Dr. Deborah Wilson, MD, certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. “E. Coli in particular is a common culprit, but certainly not the only bacteria that is difficult to eliminate from toys. However, we encourage our patients to use toys to stay sexually healthy. In fact, we sell toys in our practice.”

One of the most complimentary and significant endorsements of UVee is the collaboration with Dr. Emily Morse, founder and host of the “Sex with Emily podcast”, now an ambassador and spokesperson for UVee’s commitment to sexual health awareness, education and product solutions. Morse and her team will provide Kickstarter campaign support and exposure by motivating her vast audience of loyal podcast listeners and website viewers. Downloaded nearly one million times each month, the Sex with Emily podcast will spotlight UVee’s crowd funding campaign.

“I could not be more confident with our team,” Clean Light Labs founder Carrie Martz explained. “I’d like to thank all of our industry partners for their continued support. I am so excited to see our creation brought to the mass market.”

UVee was invented and developed by the mother-daughter team of Carrie Martz and Brooke O’Connor after extensive research failed to deliver safer, alternative ways to clean and charge adult toys. Currently there is no universally recommended solution that kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria.

Luxury, rechargeable pleasure product manufacturers, like those of campaign partner LELO—known for innovative design—advise customers to wash their toys after each use. UVee’s technology reaches small and hidden crevices and reduces damage to batteries and mechanical features, extending consumers’ investment in their quality toys.

Working with a microbiologist from Harvard Medical School, the product was tested using all bacteria typically found on adult toys, and bacteria that toys may come in contact with from the environments in which they are stored, such as under the bed, in drawers, or in bathrooms. The UVee System, using a specialized UV-C germicidal light that bounces off custom interior waffled reflectors, has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of all harmful bacteria found on toys. To further prove the advances of this process, UVee was tested against widely available sprays and foam cleaners, proving to be two to five times more effective in killing certain bacteria.

“Whether you share your toys or not, they can harbor bacteria that can cause disease,” added Wilson. “Until the UVee System was introduced, there was never a scientifically proven way to kill germs associated with the use of toys. I have reviewed the testing behind this product and it has my complete endorsement. Now you can enjoy your toys but keep them clean and stored away from children and pets. Only UVee’s locked storage system ensures only you will have access to your toys, and they will be clean and safe when you are ready to use them.”

“We made a product that can clean virtually any adult toy made from any material without damaging the toy. From large toys to couples toys, and from plastic to metal, UVee will safely and effectively clean and charge toys so that they are ready to go when the mood strikes,” continued Martz.

Adding more accolades to the revolutionary UVee, the product recently earned nominations for three Xbiz Awards, including Sexual Health and Wellness Product of the Year.

Clean Light Laboratory’s crowd funding campaign will commence on December 6 and continue into early 2017. For more information on UVee and to keep track of its Kickstarter campaign, visit




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