Top 5 Sex Toys Without Penetration

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The fact that women do not reach orgasm through penetration, but through stimulation, is now widely known. But it took a long time until the sexual Middle Ages came to an end. Nevertheless, even in the sextoy industry, everything seemed to be geared towards penetration for a long time. The wind has changed and many women prefer toys that do not require penetration at all. The often elegantly designed helpers stimulate the clitoris in different ways. We have compiled a list of five, particularly effective sex toys that help women reach orgasm without penetration.

Just a few years ago, the classic vibrator was the dominant device on the market. The idea that a woman only reaches orgasm through a penis substitute, which she has to insert to penetrate her insides and which then had to move as wildly as possible, was a widespread one in sex toy companies.

In a survey conducted by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 1,055 women aged 18 to 94 were asked about their orgasms. Less than 20% said that penetration was sufficient for them to feel satisfied during sexual intercourse. Not even 1/5 is a catastrophic level, considering how exclusively male sexuality has traditionally been geared to this form of sexual intercourse. Penetration is therefore not only by no means the only way, but it is also simply one of the poorest ways to trigger female orgasms.

In the meantime, the knowledge about female orgasms has become more pronounced thanks in part to numerous sextoy manufacturers. Many sex-tech companies are on the rise and a wide range of stimulation options are available. The knowledge of female sexuality has increased in society as well. Nevertheless, the elongated vibrator still dominates, porn movies still show almost exclusively in and out movements and heterosexual sexuality for many couples is still oriented towards the male-centered idea of friction through penetration. A sad reality that maintains the well-known Orgasm Gap, the drastic discrepancy between the number of female and male orgasms.

If you are a woman and not only want to reach orgasm without penetration but also smoothly you now have fortunately a wide range of smart sex toys to choose from.

Here are five sex toys for women who accompany their users to orgasm without any penetration.

  1. Unbound Squish

The Unbound Squish for $99 is not a very cheap toy. But it is definitely one of the most effective and inconspicuous ones. The device knows to impress its users with its intuitive use, its inconspicuous, compact design and an unusual appearance. The stronger you press, the more intense the vibration of the device becomes. Users rave about the reliable orgasms served by the device developed by the Sex-Tech-Startup Unbound.

2. Satisfyer Pro 2

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is sometimes available at unbelievably low prices for far less than $50. The clever toy works with air pressure and stimulates the clitoris in a very charming way. Many users compare the feeling with gentle oral sex, which they can control themselves. The Satisfyer Pro 2 not only eliminates the need for penetration but also offers an alternative to the traditional method of vibration. The toy can also be used in the shower as it is waterproof.

3. Womanizer Liberty

The Womanizer Liberty also renounces the traditional vibration technology. Instead, the device uses a combination of air pressure and a sophisticated suction mechanism. Stimulation of the clitoris can take place completely contactless and offers exciting possibilities to play. The device costs about 100 Dollars.

4. Sona Cruise

The Sona Cruise is usually available for 80-120 Dollars and is definitely one of the high-class devices in this segment. An ergonomic and stylish design that is perfectly matched to the palm of the hand and soft silicone are the exterior features. But the big bang of the tools is the technology. The SONA CRUISE also abstains from vibration. But air and suction technology are not used either. The Sona Cruise works with sound waves and, according to the manufacturer, provides a particularly deep stimulation that is comparable to the deep pulsation of bass rhythms. 8 different settings satisfy individual preferences.

5. Maude Vibe

The discreetly designed Vibe comes from one of the new sex tech start-ups that are currently popping up and revolutionizing the industry. Maude has launched a particularly powerful vibration device which is available for less than 50 dollars. The usage is super-intuitive, the three-step adjustment also contributes to the easy operation of the device.

6. Out of competition: The Clitoral Jolt Gel by Unbound

As a bonus, we recommend the Unbound clitoris gel, the cheapest way to experience masturbation in a slightly different way. The clever product tickles and excites the clitoris in a pleasant way and provides a particularly exciting experience, whether with or without Toy. Available for only 4 dollars from the manufacturer. Here is the link to the manufacturer.


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