This New Sex Toy Gives You Personalized Sex Tips

More than a year ago, the website refinery29 wrote about Lovely, a wearable sex tracker that also gives you suggestions to make your sex life better. Now the company is back and ready for testing — which is where you come in.

The original idea for Lovely came over two years ago after a particularly vigorous night of sex, explains 28-year-old founder Jakub Konik. “We started wondering how many calories we just burned,” he writes in an email to R29. But he and his partner couldn’t find an app that would tell them what they wanted to know.

“I talked to sexologists, industrial designers, and engineers,” he explains, “and decided to create a wearable that could not only tell you how many calories you burn during sex, but also suggest [to] you how to diversify and achieve even more pleasure from sex.”

That wearable turned out to be Lovely, which is essentially a vibrating cock ring that also stimulates the clitoris while the wearer engages in penis-in-vagina sex. Additionally, it’s connected to an app, which tracks your favorite positions as well as your sexual frequency and duration. And, yes, it’ll tell you how many calories you burned.

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