The Kardashian Effect: Traffic Surge On Sportsheets


The sextoy manufacturer Sportsheets is delighted about the support of pop-cultural icons. Kourtney Kardashian, one of the influential sisters of global megastar Kim Kardashian, has recommended one of the company’s products on her lifestyle website Poosh. Thousands of fans of the influencer promptly flocked to the website of Sportsheets.

Kourtney Kardashian’s popular lifestyle website, Poosh, provided Sportsheets, the U.S. sex toy manufacturer, with a huge upsurge in traffic. Founded in 1993 by Tom Stewart, the company saw a massive increase in the number of visitors to its website last week.

Sportsheets is pleased about traffic growth

John Turi, head of marketing at Sportsheets, didn’t even know what was going on. The traffic on the website increased tenfold. Thousands of visitors were essentially interested in the same product: the Peace Vibe, a vibrator from the company’s Sincerely collection.

The immense traffic increase and subsequent sales could be attributed to one single source. The lifestyle website Poosh, which belongs to the empire of Kourtney Kardashian, offspring of the influencer and reality TV families Kardashian and Jenner.

Poosh recommended the Peace Vibe
Michelle Scanga, one of the editors at Poosh, wrote about the Peace Vibe: »In a nutshell, the first time we used it, it felt so good I legit fell over on top of him!« The article praises the device and emphasizes its ease of use.

The increase in traffic to Sportsheets can be explained by the immense reach of the site. More than 3 million readers follow the Instagram account of Poosh. The post on the Social Media account drew 7000 Likes in only a few minutes.

The immense push quickly ebbed away. But then a second wave came. Because Kourtney Kardashian herself published a reference to the Peace Vibe on her Snapchat.

Sportsheets founder satisfied with audience interest

The founder’s sister, Julie Stewart, says of the unexpected success of her product: »We know the Peace Vibe is a great vibrator, but having someone put in print how much fun they had with it, just legitimized our belief.«

More information about the manufacturer can be found here. You can access Poosh’s website via this link.


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