Superstar Cara Delevingne Becomes Investor in Sextech-Startup

Cara Delevingne in der Erotik Branche
Cara Delevingne

The world-famous actress and supermodel Cara Delevingne has joined the Sextech start-up Lora DiCarlo as an investor and marketing partner. Thus the headline grabbing sextoy manufacturer gets further star power.

Barely two years ago, the sex toy manufacturer Lora DiCarlo was able to enjoy global media coverage. The startup with smart sex toys for women and numerous patents under its belt was amateurishly dumped by the technology trade fair CES. The company that had been earmarked for a CES Award and indeed was first awarded the prize, then stripped of it, and then reawarded due to a global outcry. Lora DiCarlo thus became an international figurehead and a prime example of the mendacious and hypocritical attitude of high finance and big business towards women’s issues and female sexuality in particular.

The founder, Lora Haddock, skilfully knew how to use the fuss for the branding of her company. After further rounds of investor funding, Lora DiCarlo can now enjoy a glamorous addition among its shareholders: international top model and acting star Cara Delevingne is equally convinced of both the product and the company and is joining the US startup with a major investment.

According to the company, Delevingne intends to use her name recognition to promote Lora DiCarlo and act as brand ambassador or the company’s mission of promoting issues around female sexuality and sex positivity in connection with the brand name.

Delevingne says: »Lora DiCarlo’s vision represents so much of what I stand for — women-led, femme-focused and pleasure-inclusive. I am so excited to step into this role as company co-owner and creative advisor, and contribute in a creative capacity with Lora and her team. Their award-winning products are redefining how people explore, experience and take ownership of their pleasure.«

Lora Haddock also comments on the top model’s involvement: »What we love about Cara is that she aligns with Lora DiCarlo’s overall mission, which is to destigmatize the taboos surrounding sexual health and wellness in broader society today. Cara is unapologetic, approachable, comfortable in her skin and she champions the cause of women’s sexual health. She will add authenticity by sharing her own experience as a genuine Lora DiCarlo customer, and now a partner of the brand.«

For more information about Lora DiCarlo, please visit the company’s website. For business and other inquiries within Europe, please contact the following e-mail address:


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