Study Finds A Whopping 54% of All Women Hide Their Sextoys

versteckte sextoys

According to a study by online retailer TooTimid.com, more than half of all women hide their sex toys from their partner. More than 1400 women were interviewed in the study. 54% said they were hiding their sex toys from their partner. 

The sex toy retailer TooTimid.com wanted to find out how openly women today deal with the seemingly ever more natural subject of sex toys. The company, founded in 2001, found that the shame of using sex toys still seems to predominate. 54% of women surveyed said they hid their sex toys from their partners. The idea that sex toys serve to spice up and improve the sex life of mainly educated couples does not seem to be a reality lived by most customers.

One of the women interviewed stated: »He is not comfortable with the toy, he would be ashamed.«

Another customer said: »Although we’ve been together for six years, I’m still ashamed when we do certain things.«

However, some of the respondents seem to have changed somewhat over time. One said she now had a more open-minded partner. »With my ex, I had a very simple vibrator and hid it. It wasn’t even phallic, and I was just using it to stimulate my clitoris. I was too nervous to share it with him. When he found the vibrator, he asked me to give it away because he found it bigger than his penis.«

The company encourages its customers to raise awareness among their partners. This should be done gently and with the reassurance that the toy is not intended to replace the partner. After all, the toy could be operated by the partner. These findings really sound like fundamental educational work.

It would be interesting to get further studies on this topic since a part of the industry lives from the idea that people are already much further along in this respect. To what extent the results of the customer survey of a particular dealer can be applied to the entire industry is ultimately questionable.


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