Sextoys Shut Down Airport in Berlin

Airport Berlin Shutdown because of a Sex Toy

According to CNN several sex toys were responsible for a partial closure of the Schönefeld Airport in Berlin yesterday.

An unsupervised luggage containing sex toys forced the airport Berlin Schönefeld into a lockdown for hours. As initial scans of the luggage didn’t produce clear results the terminal D was closed while police investigated.

Airport employees tried to locate the owner of the bag and finally found him. He refused to talk about the contents of his bag though. According to a police spokesperson, the owner said that the bag containted »technical staff« and refused to give any specifics, probably because he was ashamed and embarrassed.

This lead to an hour-long investigation with a bomb squad. Finally it became clear that the bag only contained sex toys. At noon terminal D was reopened.

As a coincidence, the very same day the Airport in Frankfurt also had to evacuate a complete terminal after a family that tested positive for explosives was mistakenly allowed to walk freely.

While the incident with the sex toys in Berlin surely was slightly amusing the security mistake in Frankfurt affected over 7,000 passengers during some of the busiest times in Europe’s travel season.


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