Sex Tech Company The Cowgirl Featured on Netflix Show


The founder and CEO of Cowgirl, a premium sex toy manufacturer from the USA, was featured in the Netflix docuseries »Follow This«. The current episode of the show, which is based on the successful viral format of the clickbait site Buzzfeed, is dedicated to »Sexbots«.

Der Cowgirl
The Cowgirl

The new episode of Follow This, the production collaboration between Buzzfeed and Netflix, revolves around the technologization of the sex toy industry. Buzzfeed reporter Scaachi Koul traces the current developments in the sex tech industry and explores what the future of human sexuality might look like.

In addition to sex experts, therapists and users, the heads of the sex toy company The Cowgirl, Alicia Sinclair, also give their views.

The fact that one of the most important skills of startup founders is instant Ted Talk readiness to talk to investors and industry colleagues is illustrated by the fact that the episode shows Sinclair selling her product as an industry-changing savior. Of course, the entrepreneur also puts her business into a broader context of a general social mission.

Like many of the young Sextoy start-ups, The Cowgirl knows how to score with first-class PR work. Shortly before the follow-up episode was broadcast, the company’s product could already be seen reviewed by influencer Zoë Ligon on her YouTube series »Sex Stuff«. She praised the vibrator in the highest tones. So far, Ligon has received 200,000 views for her clip about the sex toy.

Sinclair is thrilled: »We’re thrilled with the ever-growing interest in The Cowgirl and love the opportunity to spotlight our objective of promoting sexual empowerment. I’m so proud to be a part of the Women of Sex Tech community and am truly thankful for their support — it’s a wonderful organization that absolutely deserves to be in the limelight and I’m grateful to be a part of it.«

To learn more about The Cowgirl, click here.


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