Screaming O Releasing New Training Videos

Sex toy company Screaming O wants retailers to be fully prepared for any sales talk possible. Therefore they released a new series of training videos designed for that very purpose. 

Screaming O is convinced that the sex-positive message the company defined as its core principle is best served by sharing knowledge as far and wide as possible. The Los Angeles based company aims to enable retailers to explain for example the difference between specialized Screaming O products.

The video instruction offers information on the new products from the fall 2017 collection:

• My Secret Rechargeable Panty
• My Secret For Him
• Charged Vooom RC
• ReCharge charging cable
• RingO Biggiess
• RingO Pro X3
• OYeah Plus
• Charged Combo Kit
• Affordable Rechargeable Moove
• Charged Monarch
• Charged Skooch

The first time Screaming O used training videos was early this year. As the test balloon turned to be succesful the company will probably make this an ongoing service for Screaming O retailers. If you are interested in watching the videos go to


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