Products By Fun Factory Get Best Marks By Consumer Group »Öko-Test«

fun factory

Germany’s influential consumer watchdog group »Öko-Test« run a large test on love balls from 16 manufacturers. Fun Factory’s Smartballs Duo got the best mark by the trusted product test group.

Germany’s »Öko-Test« regularly tests products from all kinds of industries with a focus on ecological sustainability and health. Öko-Test especially looks into raw materials and ingredients used during the production of a product. The watchdog group publishes its test results in a monthly magazine, a much-trusted source of information for German consumers.

The rest by Öko-Test looked at love balls from 16 manufacturers. Through all categories of testing the SMARTBALLS DUO in White Grape by Fun Factory got first-rate results and an overall mark »Sehr gut«, the best possible mark.

Fun Factory released a statement about the test results: »The test underscores the careful and precise way of production we at FUN FACTORY have for our products and that consumers can trust quality made in Germany. The Smartballs are produced from the same medical grade silicone like all other products from Fun Factory.«

Kristy Stahlberg is Head of Corporate Communications at Fun Factory. She said: »We create products for the intimate body parts of women and men. Since the mucous membranes are a particularly sensitive part of the body, all our products are subject to the highest quality standards. The fact that Öko-Test also comes to the conclusion that our SMARTBALLS DUO in White-Grape is very good confirms us in our work.«

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