New sex toys that connect to your iPhone can pulse in time with music from your playlist

Some of the latest models have been reviewed with volunteers looking at how well they connect to phones, their wifi range and how noisy each one is.

smart phone sex toys app

A bit of a buzz is being created by the latest sex toys, which can be connected to a smartphone. The state-of-the-art vibrators can pulse in time to a favourite song and be controlled remotely and running out of batteries is no longer a problem because the toys can be charged via USB. Experts even predict cyber sex will soon be common among lovers.

A range of sex toys, which can connect to wifi and Bluetooth, have been tested for tech mag WIRED. Volunteers, identified only as Jenny and Pete, reviewed five vibrators and ranked them out of 10. They revealed how enjoyable each one was, how discrete they were and what they looked like. But they were also looking at how well the toys worked with smartphones, the wireless range, charge time and how long the gadgets lasted before needing to be recharged.

The pair also recorded noise levels with a decibel app. The We-Vibe Sync, which costs £170 and can be adjusted to fit each woman’s unique body shape, received an enthusiastic nine out of 10. But the Lovense Max male toy, which can be used alone or with a partner and will set you back £99, only scored 5 out of 10.

Jeremy White, the magazine’s product editor, said: “Soon all products will be connected to the web, and the adult industry has recognised this. “We work remotely, shop remotely. Now, quite understandably, we can be intimate remotely. “Cyber sex may well become commonplace.”



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