New PornHub Sex Toys

ann summers pornhub collection

PornHub and the British sex toy maker Ann Summers have announced a partnership to sell a new line of sex toys under the PornHub brand.

The partnership will produce, promote and sell 14 PornHub branded sex toys. A special website created by PornHub features the product line as well as series of demonstrative videos.

To promote the release of the new sex toy line PornHub published a three-minute music video called »Sex Instruments« from Perlita, an electro-pop band, as well as porn stars Carolina Abril and Jesus Reyes using sex toys, guitars, and keyboards.

According to PornHub, the videos is meant »as a metaphor for the numerous ways a couple can enjoy the large selection of PornHub Toys by telling the story of a young couple that is not only experimenting with music, but with the toys themselves«.

Corey Price, PornHub’s Vice President, said in a comment: »With over 50 years’ experience supplying the most innovative and quality sex toys, Ann Summers is a British establishment that has provided pure titillation for couples across the U.K. Now, with the launch of our wide-ranging sex toy line, that excitement will be shared amongst couples and males from across the world«.

He also said: »Being the leading provider in adult entertainment, and considering our past success with both the TwerkingButt and launch of our very own lube line, we have a firm grasp on how to best extend sexual pleasure, from the screen and into the bedroom.«


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