New Avengers-Inspired Sex Toys by Geeky Sex Toys

indulgers pleasure war collektion

The Australian sex toy manufacturer Geeky Sex Toys, announced a new collection of sex toys inspired by Marvel’s superhero franchise The Avengers. 

Coinciding with the release of the new blockbuster movie Avengers: Infinity War Geeky Sex Toys announced the release of sex toys based on the superheroes initially published by Marvel. The new collection is called Indulgers Pleasure War. It is the second collection based on the Marvel franchise. Last year Geeky Sex Toys came out with Orgasms of the Galaxy.

Like before the dildos, stroker, anal plugs and dongs are named after respetive superheroes from the series. There is a Captain Anal, the HawksAss, The Incredible Dong and many colorful, funny additions to Geeky Sex Toys ever growing product catalog.

The Brisbane based company specializes in sex toys for comicbook, fantasy and sci-fi-fans. Their Unicorn Horn Dildo collection garnered worldwide press coverage in mainstream outlets like BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mashable, Playboy, Penthouse and Vice.

On its website the company says: »As self-proclaimed geeks, our aim is to change the stigma around adult toys by re-imagining them in a fun and nerdy way. Combining pop culture with sex toys, we are creating a remarkably entertaining and pleasurable experience. We believe adult toys should be fun, entertaining, visually and physically pleasing! We want you to be proud of your sex toys and display them for all to see!«

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