Motorbunny’s YouTube-Series Is a Success


The US manufacturer of a saddle-like sex toy called Motorbunny is happy about the continuous success of its YouTube series »Do It On a Bunny«. The concept works. By now, the individual episodes have been viewed by more than 2.7 million viewers. For most of the industry, which has to struggle with censorship on the platform, this is an immense success.

The YouTube clips of the manufacturer Motorbunny are about women trying to carry out creative activities while sitting on a saddle-like sex toy and overtime being driven to orgasm. A humorous but effective demonstration of the effectiveness of the toy that regularly causes a stir at trade fairs.

Commenting on the YouTube success of the in-house campaign, a company spokesman said: »The series features popular models attempting creative activities while riding atop the motorized ride-on-top vibrator.« The current clip alone attracted more than a million viewers. The episode is called »Game Night Edition«. It is about two models well-known Social media influencers (Lilly Allegro and Leza Lush) trying to play Jenga while sitting on the Motorbunny and getting increasingly aroused.

The challenge is too big: Motorbunny models come hard

Almost as successful is the episode »You Laugh, You Lose«, which has been watched by 687,000 amused and presumably aroused viewers so far. In this episode, you can see two models trying to make each other laugh and to knock each other off the toy while the Motorbunny is giving them pleasure.

A parody of Bob Ross’ successful painting tutorials is called »Joy of Painting with Bianca Venerayan«. The hilarious video could score well over 170,000 views. The attempt to fry a turkey while the Motorbunny treats the performer dressed as a pilgrim is also worth a look. More than 300,000 spectators were thrilled.

In addition to the company’s equally effective presence at trade fairs (including Venus Berlin), this successful series has contributed to the brand’s steadily growing reputation. Craig Mewbourne is CEO of the company and says: »The ‘Do It On A Bunny’ series has done a great job at showing the Motorbunny brand’s commitment to offering sexually creative experiences. We are glad to see that the series has struck a chord with fans who love the irreverence of the situations and the enthusiasm of the talent featured. We thank them, our viewers, our partners and creative team for their amazing support.«

If you would like to follow the amusing and enjoyable series as a whole, click here to go to Motorbunny’s YouTube channel. The company’s website can be found here. This is the current episode of the series:



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