Motorbunny Now Web-Based

motorbunny online

Motorbunny, one of the crowd-pleasing products on trade shows all over the world, comes now with a web-based interface allowing users to control their Motorbunny from virtually all over the world. 

The famous Motorbunny got a new function that will especially serve couples in long-distance relationships. Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny said: »We’ve listened closely to customers from the beginning, and one thing they’ve made clear is that they feel like distance shouldn’t be a barrier to the powerful, intimate moments that Motorbunny delivers. Now Motorbunny can connect and fulfill so many more couples that wouldn’t otherwise be able to ‘hop on’ together.«

The new function is called Motorbunny LINK Controller and it enables customers to wirelessly control the saddle-like vibrator via the internet. All this works through a customized app.

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