Mel B To Release Her Own Sex Toy Collection?

spice toys Mel-B

The former pop singer Mel B is still basking in the former fame of the Spice Girls. She is currently trying to cash in on the cultural capital of the past with her own collection of sex toys.

Apparently, the 44-year-old singer Melanie Janine Brown, formerly known as pop star Mel B, has decided to launch her own sextoy collection. The British tabloid magazine The Sun claims to have heard that the toys will soon be available. Of course, the legendary leopard design of Mel B’s heyday will play an important role.

According to the tabloid, many British sextoy customers are angry that there is still too little choice in the UK sextoy market. Reports of an upcoming sextoy collection have also been fueled by Mel B’s name being traded as a potential host of an upcoming talk show.

The future will probably show to what extent British tabloids can be trusted. For the time being, we are looking forward to sex toys in a leopard design.


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