Magnetic Sex Toys from Ann Summers

The Sun reports: »Ann Summers has launched a new range of sex toys that claim to use the power of MAGNETS to give women the most intense orgasms of their lives.

The high street giant’s new Magnetize range “includes strategically placed magnets intended to stimulate and increase sensitivity for out of this world orgasms”.

The collection of gadgets promise HUNDREDS of different ways to climax thanks to each of the toys featuring a ‘boost button’ that allows women – and their partners – to ramp things up a gear or two at the crucial moment.

A rampant rabbit style sex toy offers a staggering 147 possible functions, with one magnet being placed in the gadget’s ‘ears’ and another in the ‘shaft’.

One very satisfied customer rated the new dildo a five out of five, writing on the Ann Summers website: “Wahhhhh Love this!! Shape and power are perfect … best rabbit yet. I can’t see the magnets but I do feel that I had a stronger orgasm!”

Other toys in the range include a vibrator designed for G-Spots, and smaller gadgets designed for the clitoris, base of the penis and a remote controlled ‘panty vibe’ which the brand claims is ideal for ‘date night’.

The science behind the new range claims that “Strategically placed magnets are believed to excite blood cells. This could improve blood flow to the area and increase sensitivity and ultimately heighten your orgasm.”

Ann Summers might be the first sex brand to offer gadgets where “holistic energy meets intense vibration”, but the notion of magnets as healing aids is nothing new.

Their steamy advert shows a woman having a LOT of fun with the new range, which includes small knicker-sized vibrators

The new range is available now in store, online at and at traditional Ann Summer’s parties

Ever since the Renaissance Period people have believed that magnets’ ‘living energy’ can counter aches and pains and ward off diseases and infections.

While magnetic bracelets are still popular with people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, recent studies have shown they have no noticeable effect on the condition or its symptoms.«

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