Luvu Expands Into Chinese Market With Liberator Bedroom Adventure

Luvu Brands, the Atlanta based company behind the Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear announced that their products will be available online as well as in retail locations throughout China. 

Luvu Brands International Sales Manager Brett Richardson commented: »Sexual wellness is big business in China and we’re excited to share Liberator with an entirely new and energized international consumer base with the help of Buccone Ltd.«

The announcement follows a recent distribution deal between Luvu and the Chinese distributor Buccone which was founded in 1996 and focuses on distributing sexual wellness brands in China. Buccone will be the exclusive wholesale partner for all products associated with the Liberator brand. It includes Esse Chaise, BonBon, and the Wedge/Ramp Combo.

Richardson continued: »We are extremely optimistic about our international potential. The strategic arrangement we have with Buccone ensures our entry into the Chinese market will be as seamless as possible.«

A representative of Buccone said: »People are looking for high-quality lifestyle products. The Liberator brand of sexual positioning aids are bound to be a huge hit with Chinese consumers.«

Luvu Brands international expansion is a remarkable story. The Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is now available in Canada, Europe, China, and Australia. The company plans to enter additional markets in the years to come, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Luvu Brands offers three additional brands: Jaxx Casual Living, Avana Comfort, and CREATL.


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