Lovely Inc. Launching Affiliate Program

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The sex tech company Lovely Inc., which was an exhibitor at this year’s VENUS Berlin, is starting an affiliate program. The company is looking for reviewers for Lovely 2.0 and offers 30% commission on each sale.

The US company with offices in the USA and Poland has specialized in app-controlled cock rings. Now Jakub Konik, CEO of Lovely Inc, wants to bring Lovely 2.0 onto the markets and continue to expand internationally.

Lovely Inc offers reviewers a free sample of the new product as well as the opportunity to participate in the affiliate program, which promises a 30% sales commission.

Konik, who is listed on Forbes magazine’s »30 Under 30« list, comments on the new program: »We believe that there’s more than meets the eye in Lovely 2.0 and that’s why we invite all sex toy reviewers to participate in our brand-new review program.«

The cock ring app offers a wealth of hints and suggestions for couples based on the data the device collects while in use. Two movement sensors inside the toy collect the information that the app evaluates and analyzes.

After intercourse, couples can look at the suggestions and thus permanently expand, deepen and improve their lovemaking. According to Konik, there is a study that shows that couples who used the device for four weeks reported 75% higher sexual satisfaction.

That is why Konik does not hesitate and has great confidence in his product. He says, »Comparing Lovely 2.0 to a vibrating cock ring is like comparing Apple Watch to a traditional watch. Sure, Lovely 2.0 also works like a cock ring, but it does so much more – just like Apple Watch does much more than a traditional watch. We think putting Lovely 2.0 up to careful eyes of reviewers is going to emphasize that.«

If you want to join the affiliate program, you can get more detailed information from the manufacturer’s website. Or take the opportunity to get in touch with the founder himself at [email protected].

Read the interview with the dynamic entrepreneur at this year’s VENUS Berlin.


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