Love with lifelike dolls?

The technical advances of the most natural thing in the world

sex robot at venus 2017

Berlin, August 2017. Preferences, needs and specific wishes are often discussed in the
bedroom, but what happens when your own desires remain unfulfilled? Sex robots are the
answer. At present you can buy a serial model for about 10.000 Euro. They speak and react
to touch and spoken orders – they also share the preferences of their owners. But who is
really interested in intelligent sex dolls and will they influence the future of our love lives? has conducted a survey, in cooperation with the VENUS, asking around 14.000
users of the platform for their opinions on sex robots.

From a love toy to a sexual partner
Intelligent toys and thrilling gadgets have had their place within the bedroom for quite some time, so why not a lifelike robot? 45 percent of those asked, admitted to using sex toys some of the time, and 30 percent use them on a regular basis. So taking the step from an intelligent dildo to a smart sex doll, doesn’t seem to be all that far away. But the social and technical development is still in its infancy: only 14 percent of those asked admitted to having sex with an intelligent sex doll. More than half on the other hand, didn’t express any interest whatsoever in having robot sex. But in China there are already robots that look very real and feel human – and when asked, more than 50 percent admitted to wanting to have sex with one of these hyper-realistic dolls, and another 9 percent could imagine doing so.

Sex robots for a better world?
Technology is developing especially fast within the adult industry: first of all intelligent sex
toys, then virtual-reality pornos and now lifelike sex robots. So why shouldn’t technological
advances shape the brothel of the future? At the moment there is not trend for machines to
replace prostitutes. Only 13 percent of those asked would be prepared to visit a robot brothel – but 38 percent would consider it. By the way, there is an establishment in Barcelona that allows one to test them on an hourly basis.

Secret fantasies: sex with a star?
The high cost is the main thing that will put consumers off: one day, when intelligent sex dolls don’t cost as much as a new car, 15 percent of those asked would invest immediately. 38 said that they would only spend the money on a realistic doll, if they had the money spare.

So this means that more than half of those asked, were at least theoretically willing to buy a love machine. It is currently possible to spend up to 100.000 Euro on such a robot. The
advantage: it is possible to design the outside according to your own wishes. You can, for
example, chose the look of an ex-girlfriend or a superstar. Only 1.5 percent of those asked
would consider having fun with a robot that looks like Angelina Jolie or some other famous
person. More than half said there is no way they would consider it. Those who are interested in the sex of the future, will have the chance to check out new technology and gadgets at the VENUS, which is the largest exhibition for erotica and lifestyle in Berlin. Various manufacturers will present their exciting innovations from the 12 th to the 15 th of October.

Tickets are available at & Venus Berlin


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