Loopy Bounce by Lust & Joy

Natural fun and individual penetration depth

lust and joy

You can inflate it and it doesn’t need an engine: we’re talking about Lust & Joy’s Loopy Bounce. It is an inflatable seat with an ergonomic shape in the centre of which you can fix a dildo to spend alone a good time even more relaxed and more intuitive. Stick to the seat or your partner: Erotic enthusiasts explore and discover their own bodies and feelings in a new way.

Its use does not require any particular help, fascinates by its simplicity and reduction to the essential. All materials used are easily washable and absolutely waterproof.

Numb hands from long vibrations are now a thing of the past. Come to the VENUS exhibition in Berlin this year to test this seat yourself on the Lust & Joy stand.

More information can be found at https://lust-and-joy.com


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