Let’s Talk About Your Sex Toy Company #01: Alexandra Fine, Dame Products

Alexandra Fine is co-founder and CEO of Dame Products, a company catering exclusively to the clitoris. They raised more than $800,000 during their initial Indigogo campaign. Dame Products was set up by two female founders. Three years in they offer two products the »Eva« and the »Fin« which is currently sold out. Alexandra Fine sat down for an interview with the sex-positive magazine Kinky.

Kinkly: Tell us a little bit about your signature product.

Alexandra Fine: We make two toys both of which are small but powerful. We are focused on making products that enhance intimacy and don’t get in the way of you and your partner. Eva, our first product, is a hands-free, strap-free couples’ vibrator that tucks under the folds of the labia and uses a little spring force to stay in place so that you can wear it during sex. The aim of Eva is to provide clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Fin, our second product, is a finger vibrator. It is, again, a very simple vibrator with a unique shape that makes it easy to hold and use. It’s meant to serve as a seamless extension of your hand in order to offer a natural experience when looking to provide extra stimulation. They are both designed with partners in mind, but they feel great solo as well!

Kinkly: What’s your company’s philosophy?

Alexandra Fine: We’re adamant that when we develop our products, we talk to vulva-owners, listen to vulva-owners, and make products based on what we learn. We then test those products before creating them, to ensure that they function the way we intend them to. I’m also very devoted to making sure that we have an amazing company culture that drives everyone on the team to think about these products in a progressive, thoughtful way.

Kinkly: Why do you think it’s important for women to be in behind-the-scenes roles in the sex toy industry?

Alexandra Fine: Well for starters, we make products that mainly stimulate female genitalia, so having the parts for which we are designing definitely helps us make better products for those parts. It’s worth noting that we also think that it is important to have men behind the scenes. It’s really about each individual and creating a mini culture that respects other individuals simply for being human.

Not only do I think that our company culture allows us to make better products, but it also affords us the opportunity to have a powerful brand mission. We’re less about a unidimensional message and more about creating thoughtful, smart products that encourage humans to be able to get closer, via sex. We want to empower individuals and eradicate stigmas, and having a team that works together to that end is an empowering, and game-changing, component.

Kinkly: Is there anything else you think readers should know about you, your company, or sex toys in general?

Alexandra Fine: Sex toys are awesome. That said, don’t feel pressured to do things you don’t want to do. I’d love for people to feel empowered and comfortable trying new things – but that certainly doesn’t mean that you’re going to love everything. If you try something out and realize it’s not your flavor – don’t sweat it. Sex is about trial and error, exploration, and fun! Don’t get too hung up on goals or “shoulds” – relax and use it as a time to learn about yourself and your partner.


SOURCEInterview: Kinky


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