LELO Survey Gets Huge Media Coverage

XBIZ reports: »LELO’s recent survey is featured in several international media channels, and drawing millions of new visitors to the LELO brand, the company says.

LELO invited its international audience to discuss their personal orgasm habits, and then compared the results country by country. Those results are now featured in BuzzFeedRefinery 29InverseMen’s FitnessWomen’s HealthMaximMarie Claireand many others.

More than 2,200 respondents from 21 different countries participated in the survey. Among the findings was that 11 percent of people in the U.K., have at least one orgasm a day. In the U.S., 28 percent rated their orgasm intensity a seven out of 10.

“The results of this survey seem to throw all stereotypes out the bedroom window and defy all preconceptions,” LELO resident sex expert Stu Nugent said. “Who’d have thought that a third of the population of Norway have at least one orgasm every day? And who’d have predicted the Brits would be such headboard-rattlers, with 53 percent — the highest in the category — saying their orgasms were sometimes loud?

“And perhaps most surprisingly, isn’t it strange that the U.S. doesn’t seem to stand out in any extreme, remaining in the middle of most of the groups throughout the results? Time to throw out those old clichés.”

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